How Are You Doing (It)? [Todd]

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Rick Warren has been saying this for years: "The way to do ministry is the way Jesus did it".

Simple and profound. It provides a great check on ungodly ambition, self-oriented service, and sketchy methods. Just do things the way Jesus would have done them.

But there is one aspect missing (far be it from me to challenge Rick Warren, but just hang with me).

There are certain things Jesus can do that I can't. Heal sickness at will. Read minds and hearts perfectly. Absolutely know his Father's will.

I can't do any of those things. So, for me, the principle is better phrased: 'The way to do ministry is the way Jesus would have me do it". Given my limitations as a human and a particularly and uniquely flawed human. Given the gifts, personality, and temperament he has given me. Given my unique and personal calling.

When Warren uses the phrase he is generally speaking to pastors, and "ministry" refers to the professional kind.

But the principle goes way beyond that. All of life, properly understood, is "ministry". So...

When you are facing a challenge at work...face it like Jesus would have you face it.
When you are having a touch conversation with a child.....have it like Jesus would have you have it (awkward phrasing, but you feel me...)
When you are studying for an like Jesus would have you study.
When you are dealing with a difficult aging like Jesus would have you deal with it.
When you are battling a temptation, battle like Jesus would have you battle.

So, how do you KNOW what Jesus would have you do?

Know yourself.
Know him.
Trust him.
Develop a relationship with him.

A great way to get started on this path is by joining the 10% of our adult attenders from this past Sunday who have committed to read in the book of Galatians EVERY DAY during the seven weeks remaining in our Religionless.

For you ten percent, and those who will be joining you...bold move! God is going to honor that in a lot of ways.
One of which - I promise - is that whatever you are doing you will be doing the way Jesus would have you.

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