Spiritual Success In The Summer, Part Three [Todd]

Friday, June 19, 2009
We're looking at three principles for spiritual success in the summer, and so far we have hit embracing rest and setting spiritual goals. Today, I want to focus on a principle which mirrors one of our three core values at NLC...Giving Yourself Away.

Summer can be a time when self-indulgence is a really tempting thing. You work hard all year long and so when there is a bit of a break it is easy to think "Ahhh...time for ME!".

And that is OK, to a degree. A little me-time is important now and again.

But ALL ME won't keep spiritual momentum going.

Here's my encouragement to you: Once a week, this summer, make sure you are giving yourself away in some sort of concrete, particular way.

-Giving a single mom a break by watching her kids.

-Visiting a senior adult who may not get much company.

-Mowing the neighbor's lawn after you finish yours (just make sure they are not a psycho yard nazi person first!)

-Lending a listening ear to someone whom you would rather not listen to.

-Taking the family and serving at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, or the Crisis Assistance Ministry.

-Giving more generously than normal, maybe even sacrificially.

The possibilities are endless. And if you engage in one a week, I can promise you will emerge from the long hot summer a bit more dialed in spiritually!

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