Orphans vs. Sons and Daughters [Todd]

Sunday, July 05, 2009
As promised here is the list of ten characteristics of spiritual orphans, ten characteristics of spiritual sons/daughters, and a three step strategy from moving from an orphan to a son mentality.

As always, any time you guys hear me talking about orphans vs children I owe an incalculable debt to the writing and lectures of the late Dr. Jack MIller.

Ten Characteristics of Spiritual Orphans
1. Anxious over needs – relationships, money, future, health.
2. Lives on a pass/fail basis.
3. Defensive and sensitive to criticism.
4. Needs to be right – will reject relationships when the other person does not agree with me.
5. Tries too hard to please, is always tired.
6. Always points out what is wrong.
7. Compares with others all the time – and is either depressed or prideful as a result.
8. Needs to be in control.
9. Prayer is either nonexistent or dry.
10. Needs to criticize others and gossip to feel OK.

Ten Characteristics of Spiritual Sons and Daughters
1. Trusts God and is increasingly free of worry.
2. Is increasingly free of fear and partners with God rather than trying to impress him or giving up.
3. Open to criticism and freely admits when I am wrong.
4. Takes spiritual risks all the time, especially in the areas of boldness, finances.
5. Can say no or take on a big project without getting burned out.
6. Sees when things are wrong, but focuses on what is right.
7. Confidence that comes from security in Christ.
8. Can let others lead and can accept surprises.
9. Growing in ease and confidence in prayer – it is first, not last resort.
10. Is known for saying I am wrong…only speaks well of others.

Moving from An Orphan Mentality to a Son/Daughter Mentality
1. Do an honest orphan inventory. Where am I adopting an orphan mentality?
2. Have your own personal declaration of independence from an orphan mentality before God and at least one other person (Galatians 4:4-5).
3. Ask daily for the Spirit of his Son (Galatians 4:6) to remind you that you are a son or daughter.

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