A Path for Growth

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Have you ever been to an Ikea?

The whole store is built around a pathway. When you walk in there is really no doubt about which way to go. They take you up the escalators to see all the furniture in action before you are led to the place where you can actually pick out the furniture to buy for yourself. Part of the genius is that they help paint a picture for you of what your house or room could look like if you fully buy in to the ikea plan. So by the time you get to where you can pick out a wine holder, it's not just a wine holder, it is one piece of making your whole home into something amazing.

Well you may not know it when you first walk into the doors, but all of Next Level Church is built around a pathway. The first two steps are just about attending on Sunday morning, but if I can I'd like to suggest you head up the escalator and attend Starting Point at Next Level Church. This is where we paint a picture of what your life could be like when you get involved at Next Level. It's also where you see how all the pieces fit together from Life Groups to the Give Love Project to Personal Bible Study (SOAP). What's that? It would be really helpful if this were all neatly organized into a diagram?
Because our hope for you is that you are always moving down a path closer and closer to God, Starting Point on Monday, August 17th is where we lay out the rest of the path for you. Our goal is for every single person at Next Level Church to attend a Starting Point class. It is from 7-8:15pm, and childcare is free. RSVP kathyrisch@nextlevelchurch.org

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