Sunday Afternoon Download [Todd]

Sunday, July 26, 2009
-Realizing that for me, Sunday afternoons are most people's Saturday mornings...the first time I can truly relax on a weekend. I LOVE Sunday afternoons!

-Very cool morning at NLC. Just so you will know, anytime we have cool visual elements like the rock/backpack/Cross thing it is virtually a certainty that I had very little to do with the idea. I am just not a very visual learner and so I don't think in terms of visual effects. Thank God - literally - for a Creative Team that always comes up with amazing ideas and knows how to execute them with excellence!

-This week started with six adults giving their lives to Christ in Starting Point on Monday night and was bookended with this morning's services...I am so blessed to get to do what I do.

-One of the ways God has blessed NLC is by giving us so many talented artisans - people who can do amazing things with their hands. One of the best of those is Mike Pearn, otherwise known as "that bass player who looks like Jesus". Mike built the Cross on the stage today...which looked amazing.

-More than TWENTY-FIVE people signed up to be part of the Car Repair ministry. You guys keep amazing me again and again by how willing and ready you are to give yourselves away. I am confident that this new ministry is going to have incredible ripple effects.

-The Car Repair ministry is just ONE small part of the new Give:Love Project initiatives we are rolling out this fall...wish I could tell you more, but we are working on a big reveal!

-A Sunday afternoon where I can watch international soccer (USA vs. Mexico -although the score is terrible at the moment - and then AC Milan vs Inter) with BJ is the best kind of Sunday afternoon...except for when the Panthers are playing. Hearing Justin lob insults about 'girly' soccer players is also quite amusing, albeit libelous.

-OK, out - talk to you guys tomorrow. Thanks for being part of a great day.

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