Leaps and Bounds at Summer Camp

Monday, July 13, 2009
At Next Level Church we always talk about helping people take their next step in their relationship with God. And we believe this is true from pre-school onward. So every year we take a group of middle school and high school students to summer camp to help them disconnect from their normal routines to focus on God. Along the way they make new friends, form relationships with godly leaders, and learn to live independently, but our primary hope is to connect students with God and His Son Jesus Christ.
And boy did that ever happen. It was fantastic. To all of you who bought coupon books, baked for the cafe, and have given generously to Next Level Church over the past months let me just say thankyou. Your support and prayers are helping to build a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ in our students.
If you are a parent of a middle school or high school student that could not make it to camp this year please allow me to encourage you by saying that it is worth any earthly investment to help your children mature into the kind of adults that will change the face of this world by making God famous.

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