2 Incredible New Series!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009
Just had to drop a quick post letting you guys know about 2 incredible series going on right now @ NLC! First...

Have you ever wondered why we do some of the things we do at Next Level? For example, why in the world do we, every now and then, serve cheap grape juice, and mediocre crackers to everybody in our services? Or how about, why we dunk people in an outdoor bathtub every so often. Ever wondered why there always seems to be a group of guys sitting around the Next Level firepit smoking cigars? Well it's time we answered some of these questions!!! We're doing it in an all-new teaching series called "The Things We Do...communion, baptism, and smokin stogies!" So, make sure not to miss out on this 3-part series starting this week in the main auditorium...and be sure to check out the promo video below!

Things We Do (New Series) from Harrison Gillming on Vimeo.

Second, I gotta tell you about this killer new series we started in our High School Service yesterday called...

This is hands down, our most popular series of the year to date! We had over 60 High Schoolers show up yesterday for this deal! We're talking all about sex, and how great it is! It must be, God invented it! For the next 4 weeks, it's all sex, all the time, and how God wants us to be able to have the best sex ever! Interested? Send your high-schooler over to hang out with us! And just in case you're wondering...yes, parents are allowed to join us for this one! The High School Ministry at NLC meets Sunday mornings @ 11am! See you guys on Sunday!


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