My Favorite Team Ever, Part Three [Todd]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Finishing up our look at our amazing staff team, with the last two full timers...and Chick.

Rob Kendall - As Executive Pastor, Rob leads the team day to day and oversees the logistical, financial, long-range planning, and administrative aspects of NLC. After a long and highly successful career in the restaurant business, Rob made the all important move from success to significance. He worked a whole year for NLC for no salary at all. I have had the chance in both my own business and ministry experience to interact with many high capacity business leaders - Rob is unique in that he is free of politics, puts the team and mission first and has tremendous integrity. I cannot imagine doing this without him...and won't!

Doug Irvin - As the relational glue who holds NLC together, Doug is invaluable beyond his job description of getting people involved in ministry and the life of NLC. Any one in ministry who gets it knows that I am paying Doug a very high complement in calling him a "pastor's pastor". He can do just about anything needed in ministry (unlike some of us who only do a few things well), is relentless in caring for people, and has one of the most highly developed prayer lives I know. He also absolutely loves his family to death. Unfortunately, he is not a very good golfer.

And, finally,

Chick Efird - as Director of Weekday Kid City, our preschool ministry, Chick is on the front lines of reaching our community and making God famous in South Charlotte and Union County. I had heard of Chick for years before meeting her...she is one of if not the most respected children's ministry professional in Charlotte. We are incredibly blessed to have her.

I hope this three blog entry tour of our staff has given you a little better insight into the amazing team God has assembled at NLC. I have got to be the most blessed Lead Pastor in the world to get to live life and do ministry with these guys!

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