What If? [Todd]

Monday, July 27, 2009
I have been thinking a lot lately about this quote from the writer and film critic Ross Douthat:

"Most successful blockbusters trade on a single big 'what-if?'. What if an alien landed in your backyard? What if the Nazis were after the Ark of the Covenant? What if a man dressed up as a bat to fight crime?"

He's exactly right - not just movies, but also great books and plays start with some sort of What If? question.

Naturally, my mind goes to ministry and life:

What if I actually yielded everything in my life to God's purposes?

What if Next Level Church really committed itself to transforming the spiritual landscape of Charlotte?

What if I really trusted God with that relationship/hurt/resentment/dream/fear?

What if the Give:Love Project really did become the focus of our ministry as a church?

Life can get so distracting and busy that we never dream about the What Ifs? So that is where we should start.

But it is the action steps of putting the What Ifs into place that have me excited and charged up!

What's your What if?

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