Best Starting Point Yet

Friday, July 24, 2009
Starting Point was this past Monday night and I can say confidently that it was the best one yet. It is always fun, encouraging, and humbling to be involved in something that God chooses to bless.

We are crazy devoted to making sure that it is simple and clear for people to take the next step in their relationship with God. So a month or two ago we retooled the entire Starting Point experience and it is awesome now! When people walk in they are all over the map spiritually speaking so we cover a whole gamut of steps to take right here at Next Level.

Here is what happened this time. Six people chose to become Christ followers for the very first time as Pastor Robbie shared about crossing the line of faith. We made some new friends and acquaintences so that we'll know people now when they show up on a Sunday morning. We caught the vision of serving our city through the Give Love Project. And above all we heard about how at Next Level Church the goal is every person encouraged, challenged, and equiped to take the next step in their relationship with God!

If you haven't been then you are not experiencing your full potential for growth at Next Level Church. It's not for new believers or [only] people new to Next Level. It is for anyone who is serious about their spiritual journey.

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