My Favorite Team Ever, Part One [Todd]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I spend a lot of time bragging on the people of Next Level Church. With good reason.

They are the most caring, sacrificial, committed people I have ever had the privilege to lead.

I don't spend as much time as I should bragging on our staff team. Need to do more of that. For they are incredible. Let me tell you why...

I'll start today with the part-timers:

Rene' Gillming - Probably shocks you to know that our children's pastor is part-time when there are hundreds and hundreds of kids and dozens of volunteers each weekend! Rene' doesn't work part-time hours, though her compensation is part-time (we operate on a shoestrong around here). She leads her team with excellence, organization, compassion, and an amazingly even temperament.

Robbie McLaughlin - Robbie made his all church teaching debut this past Sunday and he rocked! He is an incredibly gifted teacher, the best senior high youth pastor I have ever seen, a sharp thinker, and a really gifted graphic designer. As a matter of fact, since Robbie does all of our graphics on and off-line he actually more than pays for his part-time compensation. He is an incredibly important part of our Creative Team.

Melissa Jackson - Melissa is even more part time than Robbie, and is the newest addition to our team. She is responsible for two areas that appear to be wildly varying: First Impressions (greeters, hospitality, basically everything you see in the lobby and in the Cafe' on Sunday morning), and the Give:Love Project, the expression of our passion to love and serve our community. Melissa and LD (and their insanely adorable Clare) are just rock solid parts of NLC's foundation. Melissa has an infectious personality combined with real organizational ability and the gift of being able to motivate others while letting them know they are loved.

You gotta know this - none of these three work full time for NLC...and none are paid very much at all. But their contributions to our mission and the Sunday morning experience at NLC is absolutely incredible. I wish you knew them like I did!

Tomorrow...the Full-Timers.

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