Jesus Teaching on Divorce [Jared]

Friday, March 20, 2009
My life group rocked last night. We are reading our way through the book of Mark using the SOAP method of studying the Bible. (To get a free audio copy of how to do it, click here and then type s.o.a.p in the little window on the player that says "search archive")

So we get to chapter ten and it starts with Jesus teaching on divorce. Since I haven't been divorced and some members of the group have been or are I didn't want to create any unequal footing in the group. So instead of starting in Mark 10 we decided to start in Matthew 6 last night. We read about how if you are angry, you've basically committed murder in your heart. We read about how anyone who makes promises is giving the devil a foothold. And we read about how anyone who looks at someone lustfully has already committed adultery in their heart. At which point I said, "Now that we're sure we're all adulterers, let's take a look on Jesus teaching on divorce!"

I'm not gonna go in to the details of the Bible's teaching on divorce, (if you wanna know you should've signed up for my life group!) but suffice it to say this: In Christ, God offers forgiveness for sin, healing for the hurting, and a swift kick in the butt for the self-righteous! Now, that is a truth to live your life by.

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