theLatest (Robbie)

Thursday, March 05, 2009
Just a quick post to make sure everybody out there knows about our new e-weekly format!  We have put together a much more streamlined version so you can get the information you need more quickly.  It's called "The Latest."  

Basically, we send you an image pretty similar to the look of a magazine cover.  You can then scroll over ANY headline on that image, click it, and be redirected to more information on that announcement!  There's even links directly to the NLC Blog, and the NLC Homepage.  Simple enough, huh?  It's so easy, a caveman...well, never mind, you get the point!  

This is one of the BEST and most efficient ways for you to stay current on all that's happening around Next Level.  So, if for some reason, you have not been getting "The Latest" in your inbox over the last couple of weeks, but would like to receive it, please email Kathy Risch at, and just ask to be added to the e-weekly mailing list!

Don't forget, you can keep up with Next Level Church by joining our FaceBook group as well!  See you Sunday!   

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