Our Weekly Party [Jared]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Here are two reasons I LOVE student ministry based on this past weekend. This isn't a post about our mission or core values or how many kids are now engaged in SOAP, it's just what jumped out this weekend.

First we play insanely crazy games. There's probably nothing we don't use: flour, water, swedish fish, pool noodles, eggs, cheese poofs, balloons, chocolate, baby food, pantyhose, mustard, tin foil, raw fish. You name it, it's been in one of our games! And we love having fun at church. It's all part of us going to extreme lengths to ensure that when our kids graduate from school they don't graduate from church. This weekend was musical chairs... without chairs!

Second, our volunteers and kids roll with the unexpected extremely well. We were rocking out playing music so loudly that we blew a breaker in the middle of a worship set this weekend. So our worship leader Samuel Donahue decided he didn't want the power back and turned it into an acoustic worship set on the spot. And our volunteer leaders really led, you could hear them singing so loudly. It was awesome. Everyone is so up for change and the resulting growth.

I love getting to do ministry with such passionate volunteers. And I love getting to engage with such generous open students. And our party is always open to new guests.

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