FEAR(LESS) Focus This Sunday [Todd]

Friday, March 13, 2009
Not a big fan of church hype, as in

"You GOTTA be there this Sunday because God is gonna ROCK your socks...and your freaking WORLD people!"

Blech. Ach spffft.

That said - I am indeed excited about round two of FEAR(LESS) this weekend.

The big idea for this one took a little longer developing. Or rather, the idea came quickly enough but the supporting stuff did not really come clear till early last evening, which is really late.

But when it did come clear it felt right - and I felt really content, as if "Yeah, you heard what you needed to hear, now go deliver it!"

So, if you are feeling fearful in these fearsome times...if you are starting to believe that your circumstances define your identity, then you do need to be there on Sunday. I have stuff to say that I think will be really encouraging and affirming and potentially mind- and heart-altering for you!

Oh, and by the way, hope you are having fun with your generosity assignments...I will have some this week related to focus that are every bit as practical!

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