Titles (Jared)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
So I'm reading this book called Jewish Pirates of the Carribbean. Ha!

First of all, the genre is history and the book is enlightening and unintentionally hilarious. So I'm reading about the year 1492-famous for a certain expedition and infamous for it's expulsion of all Jews from Spain-when I stumble across the title of the King of Spain. I'm not talking about the title "King," "Chief Knight of the Holy Inquisition," or "Holy Roman Emperor" no I'm talking about the one aquired by Charles the V when he borrowed 500,000 ducats (gold) in order to bribe electors into making him the Roman Emperor: "Most Catholic Defender of the True Faith." It's such a big title! And it carries the assumption that Jesus needs a good bit of help in defending himself for some reason to boot.

Jesus does not need you to "prove" that he is God. Trust me he can do that on his own. This is part of the reason why people who are obsessed with apologetics can really annoy me sometimes. Is it wise to have an informed faith? Yes. It is wise to try to have an integrated belief system in which we yield ourselves to Jesus emotionally and intellectually? Yes. But, for the most part, nobody gets argued into God's Kingdom. People are loved into God's Kingdom. If your gonna shoot for a superlative title for your life try "Lover" and please avoid at all costs "Most Catholic Defender of the True Faith."

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