Mouse In The House [Todd]

Monday, March 16, 2009
So, I associate mice with old buildings, not one that opened on Christmas Eve 2008. Nevertheless, we had a mouse in the auditorium yesterday.

I first learned of this when my eardrums were pierced by a high-pitched scream. That was from Bryan, our drummer, who tossed aside the women and small children backstage, leapt up on a stool, and began shaking and screaming in terror.

The little guy (the mouse, not Bryan) got away. Then, right before the message in the second service, when I was alone backstage, he nearly ran over my foot. Got away again, only to make a (brief, thank the Lord) appearance on stage during the offering.

My best information has it that he was eventually captured and will be indicted on multiple charges in federal court later this week. I wasn't there personally, as I was helping the paramedics sedate Bryan.

Here's the thing. He was a small creature (the mouse, not Bryan), not much bigger than four or five inches long. Not a threat to anyone. He was personally terrified (assuming mice have personalities, which upon reflection I suppose they don't).

Yet in some ways he dominated the morning.

Everyone was talking about the mouse, scared of the mouse, on the hunt for the mouse, worried about the mouse, determined to bring. the. mouse. DOWN.

What wise pastoral parallels do you see, Todd, you ask?

Why, thanks for asking.

I think it's like this.

Little things in our lives - things that LOOK like little things - can actually suck up our energy and time and distract us from more important things.

Bad habits. Nagging unforgiveness. Good disciplines we never get around to beginning. Slight compromises in integrity. Annoyances over things that, really, aren't that big a deal.

These things can sap our energy, distract our minds and keep us from pursuing the big things: cultivating a daily, real relationship with God. Seeing justice and mercy done in our spheres of influence. Leading our kids' hearts intentionally towards God. Leveraging prayer, time and resources for disconnected people. Being the gracious truth-teller in our relationships. Moving towards our wives and taking initiative to love and create community. Being the go-to guy at work.

Are there mice clouding your field of vision, distracting your focus, taking your eye off of God and hIs purposes?

One more thing...I was, in fact, sick as a dog in the second service yesterday. Thanks to all who expressed concerned, called and e-mailed later. You guys are awesome.

P.S. I think we have some amazing footage of the mouse here...


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